USA will give Ukraine the court of torpedo and missiles, effective against ships of the Russian Federation

США передадут Украине торпедные суда и ракеты, эффективные против кораблей РФ

США передадут Украине торпедные суда и ракеты, эффективные против кораблей РФ

The United States can give Ukraine dated but effective even against large ships of the Russian Federation, weapons that will stop an aggressor in the sea of Azov. We are talking about torpedo boats Mark V, the Hellfire missiles and Harpoon anti-ship missiles. This is stated in the article, former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, published on the website of the Atlantic Council in the framework of the project UkraineAlert.

“The transfer boats of the class Mark V will give the opportunity to the United States to help Ukraine strengthen its naval presence in the sea of Azov. Ukrainian Navy in the sea of Azov can not match Russian firepower. However, maneuverable patrol boats is a serious force that represents a danger to Russian ships. In addition to the regular torpedo Mark V, USA can make these boats even more serious threat to the Russian fleet, giving them anticorrelate Hellfire missiles, which can be zapustitsya with the Mark V Finally, we should also provide radar and smart systems which would help the Ukrainian military to track the movement of the Russian fleet in the sea of Azov. It is important to assess the threat posed by this fleet, and pointing to the ships of the enemy.”

— article Cheap Ways to Make Putin Pay in Ukraine

John Herbst

The need to transfer 6 or even 12 boats of the class Mark V fifty, and possibly hundreds of Hellfire missiles, and 100 Harpoon anti-ship missiles. In this case, weapons should be delivered to Ukraine by air.

The article said that the Kremlin is pursuing a revisionist policy to weaken NATO and the EU. The most rational way for States to stop Putin is to make him pay a high price for the war against Ukraine. We are talking about sanctions against Russian leaders and of the economy as well as the transfer of weapons to our country.

“The problem, of course, is not to encourage Ukraine to fire on the Russian fleet, and to give her a chance to fight back in case of provocation — this ability will be a particular deterrent to aggression in the sea of Azov. Today, Moscow uses the absence of any factors of naval deterrence,” writes Herbst.

And though the United States can not compensate for the superiority of the Russian Federation in the sea, as in the Donbass, but the above tools will allow Ukraine “to create an asymmetric challenge for Moscow to Azov. In a sense it is similar to giving Ukraine “javelinas”, which largely contributed to the reduction of the tank’s advantages of Moscow to the Donbas.”

Earlier, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst said that Washington soon plans to give Kiev new weapons and declare anti-Russian sanctions. According to the Director of the Eurasian center of the Atlantic Council of the Herbst, this will happen within 2-3 months. Note that in the new year, Ukraine expects the U.S. to supply lethal weapons. This was announced by the Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly.

And recently Commander of the Ukrainian Navy said that every appearance of a US destroyer in the Black sea causes panic among the aggressor.