V-Wars : The filming of the series, Netflix is ended, Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) shares new photos

The filming of the new series of Ian Somerhalder, the former star of The Vampire Diaries is finally finished. To celebrate this event, the actor has shared many photos of the behind the scenes of V-Wars !

Ian Somerhalder has turned the page of The Vampire Diaries but not vampires. The actor has lent its traits for eight years to Damon Salvatore, a bad guy with a big heart and the fans have fallen under its charm. Also, the more nostalgic expect only one thing, to find the actor on the screen. Their wish has been granted because Ian Somerhalder will soon be the star of V-Wars, based on the series of anthologies of release of the same name. If in the show, Julie Plec, Ian Somerhalder played a vampire in V-Wars, it will pass to the other side by playing the role of a human. His character, Dr. Luther Swann, will have to fight against his best friend, become a powerful vampire leader after catching a mysterious illness. This series promises to be thrilling and we look forward to the discover but for the moment, the shooting has just been completed, and Ian Somerhalder has shared numerous photos to celebrate this event !

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Bye Bye Canada, hello USA!!! We are Wrapped! @vwarsofficial on @netflix is wrapped and I’m editing my ass off today with Geoff my editor. THANK YOU @wheelsup8760 aka WHEELS UP for getting us back and forth across the border so safely for months! I’m so thankful to have you as my partners in the logistics of business! THANK YOU @textronaviation for building these green flying machines! Here are just a few images of the last few months of production – I took very few photos because I had my head buried in production. Wow. What a journey. Thank you all!!!

A publication shared by iansomerhalder (@iansomerhalder) on 22 Oct. 2018 at 11 :33 am PDT

To pay tribute to these many months of filming, Ian Somerhalder shared a few photos of the backstages of V-Wars. In addition, he shared a message from the most adorable to thank all of the teams. To comment on these shots, he wrote : “goodbye Canada, hello Usa. We have finished the filming ! @vwarsofficial on @netflix is curly. Thank you @Wheelsup8760, also known under the name of Wheels Up, for allowing us to cross the border safely for months ! I am truly grateful to count you among my partners. Thank you @textronaviation for the construction of these flying machines green ! Here are a few images from the past few months of filming. I took very few photos because my head was buried in the production. Sensational. What a trip. Thank you to all of you!”. We reserve V-Wars, the new series of Ian Somerhalder ? In the meantime, check out our verdict of the first episode of Legacies !