Valencia – Atalanta – 3:4 Chronicle of the match, goals video!

Валенсия - Аталанта - 3:4 Хроника матча, видео голов

In the return match of 1/8 final of the Champions League the Spanish “Valencia” has lost to Italian “Atalanta” and stormed out of the tournament. The meeting was held in Valencia at the stadium “Mestalla”.

“Apostrophe” conducted an online broadcast of the match “Valencia” – “Atalanta”.


VALENCIA – ATALANTA – 3:4 (1:2) – the first match – 1:4

Goals: Gameiro (21, 51), Torres (67) – Iličić (3, 43, both from the penalty spot, 71, 82)

Valencia: Cillessen, Wass, United Diarabi (Hades, 46), Gaia, Kondogbia, Coquelin (Cheryshev, 74), Soler, Parejo, Ferran Torres, Rodrigo (Florenzi, 79), Gameiro.

Atalanta: Sportiello, Hatebur, Palomino, Caldara, Gosens Gomez (Malinowski, 78), de Ron (Zapata, 45), Iličić, Trailer, Pasalic (Tamez, 83), Gemiti.

: Coquelin (33), Diarabi (42), Kondogbia (58), Vass (64) Trailer (85).


Match stats: strikes 15-12, 7-5 in a shot on target, ball possession 56% -44%, angular 9-2, fouls 14-12.

Match completed! Atalanta again defeated Valencia and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League!

90+2 – Moontime! Gameiro went one on one, but failed to beat Sportiello!

90+1 – the Moment! Thames threw on Zapata, who from 15 yards struck the crossbar.

90 Two minutes compensated by the arbitrator in the second half.

89 – Parejo delivered a cross from a corner, but the defenders knocked the ball.

86 – Torres struck free-kick almost from the byline, but Sportiello was ready and hit the ball.

84 – Zapata almost popped one on one, but at the last moment he was prevented Cheryshev.

83 – Substitution at the “Atalanta”! Times replaced Pasalic.

82 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Trailer found in the free Alicica who shot the gate with 10 meters! 3-4! Poker has made a Slovene!

80 – Dangerous! Gaia burst into the penalty area, but his shot from 12 metres turned out to be inaccurate.

79 – Substitution at Valencia! Florence came on for Rodrigo.

78 – Substitution at the “Atalanta”! Malinowski was replaced by Gomez.

76 – Cheryshev shot dangerously from the flank, but Caldara in the cast knocked the ball away.

74 – Substitution at Valencia! Cheryshev came out instead of Coquelin.

73 – Damage received Gosens, assist the player Atalanta.

71 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Zapata passed to Alicica, who entered the penalty area from 15 yards sent the ball into the bottom corner! 3-3! There’s a hat-trick!

70 – Time! Zapata received a pass in the penalty area and fired a powerful shot from a tight angle, but Cillessen made a cool save by the foot!

67 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Parejo’s long pass sent the Hoosiers into the breach, Sportiello why it popped up to the penalty area and the striker expertly chipped the ball over him. 3-2!

66 – Hatebur burst into the penalty area, was going to take, but at the last moment Hades knocked his ball from under his feet.

64 – Vass committed a foul and got yellow card.

62 – Hatebur shot from the left, but Coquelin knocked the ball.

60 – Dangerous! Zapata received a pass in the penalty area, threw in Ricica, who fired a powerful shot from 14 meters, but hit a teammate! Maybe Pasalic is now saved Valencia from the goal.

59 – Players “Atalanta” unsuccessfully played the free kick and lost the ball.

57 – Kondogbia knocked Gomez to 20 metres and got yellow card.

The 55 – Moment! Ferrand found in the free Gameiro, who in the fall had struck near the pole!

53 – Inspired by the players of “Valencia” went forward earned a corner, but after the filing of Sportiello fist knocked the ball away from the goal.

51 – COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Ferrand had delivered a cross from the flank and Gameiro headed the ball into the goal! 2-2!

49 – Ferrand hung on the flank, but Sportiello confidently took the ball.

48Dangerous! Freuler powerful shot from distance – just over the crossbar!

During the break in the “Valencia” was replaced. Together Jakobi came Gedes

The second half began!

Statistics 1st half: kicks 6-5, 2-2 on target, ball possession 58%-42%, corners 4-1, fouls 7-4.

The first half ended! Atalanta plays “Valencia” with the account 2:1!

45+3 – Hatebur a dangerous cross from a free kick, but Cillessen in the cast hit the ball.

45 – Three minutes compensated for the referee in the first half.

44 – Replacement of the “Atalanta”! De Ron was unable to continue the match after a kick in the face from Rodrigo is on the left Zapata.

43 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Ilicic again from the penalty spot! 1-2! Now Valencia have to score five goals to go further!

42 – Penalty! The referee pointed to the spot and showed Jacobi yellow card!

41 – Ilicic broke into the penalty area and the ball hit the hand of Jacobi. The referee is watching the replay. Whether the second penalty?

39 – Iličić almost popped one on one, but Cillessen far out of the gate and knocked the ball.

37 – Rodrigo in the fight for the ball hit in the face de Ron, but the referee did not show him the card.

35 – Rodrigo received a pass on the penalty and immediately struck, but hit the defender.

32 – Coquelin leg hit on the head Pasalic and got yellow card.

29 – Gaia performed a good delivery into the box for Gameiro, but Sportiello played correctly at the exit and took the ball.

26 – Gomez shot from 20 meters above the goal.

24 – Dangerous! Pasalic has punched a head after a canopy from a corner near the bar!

21 – COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Rodrigo shot the penalty, the ball after a failed tackle Palomino bounced to Gameiro, who from close range sent him to the gate! 1-1!

20 – De Ron received a pass from Gomez, but Jacobi prevented him from entering the penalty area.

16 – Rodrigo tried to enter the penalty area, but the defenders dispossessed him.

15 – Gaia dangerously hung on the line goalie, but Caldara confidently knocked the ball.

12 – Hatebur hung on the flank, but Gaia knocked the ball.

9 – it is Dangerous! Rodrigo fired a powerful shot from 23 meters, Sportiello in the cast hit the ball, and the second one of the players of “Valencia” was not.

6 – After a corner the ball bounced to Soler, which is 18 meters shot extremely inaccurate.

3 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Iličić scored from the spot! 0-1! Now Valencia need to score four goals just to translate the game in overtime.

2 – from the Penalty spot. Ilicic burst into the penalty area, took the ball under him and it was demolished Jacobi.

The match is underway!

Teams out on the field. The match will be held without spectators due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

The stadium “Mestalla” is ready to host the match.

Валенсия - Аталанта - 3:4 Хроника матча, видео голов

In the first match the victory with the devastating account 4:1 has won by an Italian club.

In the group stage of the tournament Atalanta took the second place in group C. the Italians met with “Manchester city” (1:1, 1:5), “miner” (1:2, 3:0) and the Zagreb “Dinamo” (0:4, 2:0). “Valencia” finished on first position in group H. “Bats” played with “Chelsea” (1:0, 2:2), “Ajax” (0:3, 1:0) and “Lille” (4:1, 1:1).


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