Vanessa Hudgens doubles up in the trailer of The Princess of Chicago, a Christmas movie made in Netflix !

Vanessa Hudgens is going to warm your heart in the trailer of his film Christmas straight out of the catalog Netflix !

More than a month, and two weeks before Father Christmas to come knocking on your door. So it is already time for you to snuggle under a blanket for a marathon of Christmas movies. And it’s just as well, Netflix, you serves them on a plate ! We have already given our verdict on their first Christmas movie, The Holiday Calendar. Therefore, it is time to discover one another, and in which the trailer has just been released ! Vanessa Hudgens slips into the skin of Stacy De Novo, a pastry american invited to participate in a competition organised in the european nation (fictional) of Belgravia. One also wonders if the writers do not roll the alphabet, since the imaginary country in A Christmas Prince was Aldonia. And in case this sounds familiar, Belgravia is in reality a stylish district in London. In short, arrival on site, it falls on the duchess Margaret, who – spoiler – looks like him as two drops of water !

Vanessa Hudgens se dédouble dans le trailer de La Princesse de Chicago, un film de Noël made in Netflix !

Vanessa Hudgens se dédouble dans le trailer de La Princesse de Chicago, un film de Noël made in Netflix !

Hating the spotlight and wanting to have the chance to be a normal girl, Margaret persuades Stacy to share their life. All it takes is a haircut and a british accent to transform a girl into Lady. Now, Stacy is dedicated to horse riding (or at least, she tries) and goes to the prom royal with the boyfriend of Margaret, the beautiful Prince of the country. During this time, the Duchess discovers that simplicity is the most beautiful moments when one is with the right person ! It is already clear that the film, which will be available on Netflix from the 16th of November, gathered all the ingredients of a good Christmas movie. In the trailer alone, there are : 1. the desire to find love; 2. a ball with a royal in a princess dress; 3. a snowball fight; and 4. two suitors beautiful as Christmas balls. That happiness what ! One more to add to your list of what mater in November, knowing that the Harry Potter and The Holiday Calendar is already at the top !