Venom 2 : the villain of The movie confirmed ?

Venom 2 : Le méchant du film confirmé ?

One of the worst bad guys of comic-books Spider-Man is about to land in the sequel to Venom.

With its $ 855 million raised around the world, Venom is part of the largest successful film at the box office, 2018. And who said carton in the halls inevitably start a sequel… Eddie Brock is no exception to the rule : Sony Pictures has just officially announce a sequel to the adventures of the journalist and his Symbiote away. Of course, Tom Hardy will return under the eye of the camera in the title role, and if Michelle Williams has not yet confirmed its recovery in the character of Anne, it seems certain that this will be the case. This is the big bad of the sequel, Woody Harrelson will play Carnage, the version Symbiote serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Venom 2 : Le méchant du film confirmé ?

Spider-Man surrounded by Carnage and Venom

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Kelly Marcel, one of the screenwriters of the first part, will return to the writing of this second film (it is located right next to Tom Hardy in the photo above). Remains to be seen how she will have to show on the screen the character of Carnage, enemy of Spider-Man devoid of morality (to tell you everything, he committed his first crime in the comic books at the age of six years !). Hard task to adapt to a movie on such a villain without the feature-length documentary to be prohibited at least 16 years of age (Venom was already PG-13 in the USA). The construction official of this sequel is announced a month and a half after the announcement by Sony of two Marvel movies scheduled for 2020, and it seems highly likely that the one expected in October or Venom 2. We have not finished to hear about it !