Video: a trailer for the festive episode of Doctor Who

Видео: появился трейлер праздничного эпизода "Доктора Кто"

Trailer new year’s series of the popular science fiction series “Doctor Who” published on the Youtube channel of the BBC.

The series, which will be called “endgame” will break a long tradition of releasing special episode for Christmas, and will be released on New Year 1 January. Her Doctor and her companions will encounter the “terrifying evil that lurks in two different centuries in Earth history”.

Jodie Whittaker, who became the first woman in the role of the Doctor, will return to the role despite rumors of nameriniyami aktrissy to leave the show. The new season will be released in 2020 year.

Doctor Who — British sci-Fi series that goes beyon 1963. In the center of the plot — adventures of a mysterious time traveler called the Doctor.