Video: China set up stealth drone

Видео: Китай создал стелс-беспилотник

A new unmanned aerial vehicle Sky Hawk, has been designed using stealth technology, made its first public flight.

According to Global Times, the drone was first shown at a Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on Saturday.

The video shows how the drone performs the takeoff and landing.

Sky Hawk — high-altitude and high-speed drone of distant radius of action, which is able to carry out reconnaissance and patrol missions in a dangerous environment. The machine is developed by “Chinese aerospace scientific-technical Corporation”. Its design is made according to the scheme “flying wing”, similar in design to the American stealth bomber B-2.

We will remind, Ukraine has developed a new UAV for border guards Spectator-M1.

In 2018 in Ukraine have restricted the height of the flight of the drones: can fly at an altitude of 120 m in controlled airspace, and 50 m in the airspace and special military areas.