Video: in France found a German submarine during the First world war

Видео: во Франции обнаружили немецкую подлодку времен Первой мировой

Видео: во Франции обнаружили немецкую подлодку времен Первой мировой

In the North of France near the coast found a sunken German submarine, which is more than 100 years. The submarine lay there in the mud, but seemed due to currents and strong ebb.

Frame boats up to 50 meters in length, stranded on the rocks in July 1917, due to a failure in navigation. After that, the crew evacuated and the submarine blew up. This attracted the attention of the patrol, who arrested the German sailors on shore, writes Euronews.

“She was stranded just because it was a destroyer. He had to lay mines. But to do this it was necessary to approach the shore, because in the open sea from England to France were stretched network for anti-submarine warfare. The submarine came too close to the beach,” said local guide Vincent Schmitt.

Previously in Portugal, found the ship with spices, which is more than 400 years. Archaeologists and divers have already found it a pepper and other spices, nine bronze cannons from the Portuguese coat of arms, Chinese porcelain and cowrie shells. It was also officially confirmed by finding the legendary Golden Galleon “San Jose” sank in the Caribbean sea. Its cargo is now estimated at $ 17 billion.

Interesting discovery found in the Kiev reservoir. They found the German bombs during the Second world war, the decision on the bombing on the spot.