Video: probe NASA recorded the sound of the wind on Mars

Видео: зонд NASA записал, как звучит ветер на Марсе

Geophysical InSight probe that recently landed on the surface of the red planet for the first time recorded the sound of the wind on Mars and sent the audiotape to the Ground.

As said in comments published by NASA, audio, sensors of the probe caught the vibrations of air in a South-easterly direction with a force 5-7 m/s NASA Experts call it audio “unplanned pleasure”, because such a task before the instrument is not specifically intended, it’s just been calculated including the fixation of the sound waves. The main task of InSight is to break a hole in the ground to a depth of 6 m. the data Obtained can shed light on the evolution of rocky planets, including Earth.

Recall the InSight probe was sent to Mars on may 5, successfully landed on November 27 and has already sent the first photo. The device is designed to enhance knowledge about the structure of the red planet and its structure from core to surface. Earlier it was reported that NASA has tested a nuclear reactor for Martian base, and Elon Musk have announced the first flight to Mars.