Video: rocket Mask successfully launched into orbit ten satellites

Видео: ракета Маска успешно вывела на орбиту десять спутников

Видео: ракета Маска успешно вывела на орбиту десять спутников

The company SpaceX Elon musk launched on 11 January booster Falcon 9 with 10 satellites. The first stage of the rocket has successfully landed on a sea platform in the Pacific ocean.

The Falcon 9 was launched from pad on U.S. air force base Vandenberg in California. The launch was launched into orbit 10 telecommunications satellite company Iridium Communications. This international mobile operator intends to launch a constellation of more than 80 satellites the Iridium connection, the devices are designed for voice and data satellite phones. The current launch – now in its eighth run in the framework of this program.

Previously, the company SpaceX Elon musk will orbit the satellite, which is seen from Earth is its only purpose. The cost of the project amounted to $1.3 million.

Also Elon Musk, whose joke caused a collapse of Tesla stock, decided to create the robots “mecha” anime.

The SpaceX company has called the name of the first space tourist, who circled the moon. It will be a Japanese billionaire. The moon will also travel to the Japanese space ship.