Video: stage Falcon crash landed in the ocean after launching to the ISS

Видео: ступень Falcon аварийно приземлилась в океан после запуска к МКС

5 Dec company SpaceX successfully launched and put into orbit the Dragon truck with food and equipment for the International space station. But trying to get back to the launch site in Florida, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket fell into the Atlantic ocean.

The reason for this landing was the failure of the control system. According to the founder of SpaceX Elon musk, the problem was cardiac pump hydraulic control system lattice stabilizers.

Dragon will dock to the ISS on 8 December, and to return to Earth in January.

Recall that on 4 December, NASA postponed the launch of Dragon to the ISS due to mold. Previously, the mission of the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX barely scratched the wind.

It also became known that SpaceX postponed the launch of the Falcon Heavy with the satellite for the Arabsat company at the end of 2018.