Video: supermarket offers users to “kill” their child in Fortnite that he was going to lunch

Видео: супермаркет предлагает пользователям «убить» их ребенка в Fortnite, чтобы он шел обедать

Видео: супермаркет предлагает пользователям «убить» их ребенка в Fortnite, чтобы он шел обедать

The British division of the supermarket chain Aldi launched the campaign “Teatime Takedown” which will help parents to “pull children out of the virtual world and move in the real world”, killing their characters in a video game.

“Video games interfere with dinner? Aldi can help”, — stated in the message.

Teatime Takedown

Is gaming getting in the way of dinnertime? Aldi can help. Sign up below.

Geplaatst door Aldi UK op Dinsdag 12 maart 2019

The network offers parents whose children spend a lot of time in the virtual world and not enough at the table for family dinner, send to the store the nickname of the child in Fortnite and choose the date and time. At the appointed time Aldi will receive the game a squad of professional players-namazu that you will find avatar the child in the match in the game and “kill” it.

In the game Fortnite no instant rebirth, for a new round or have to wait for the end of the match, if a player plays in the team or seek a new match, but in this case, professional players will once again join and again kills the character of the child. And then he will just spend time with family.

The message has already received nearly 200 comments, most of which left angry gamers.

Recall that in 2018 the market shareware video games in 2018 rose to 87.7 billion. In this case, “Fortnite” is the most popular game in the world at the beginning of 2019. She has more than 80 million active users per month. Also, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” was the best competitive game on the results of the award “Golden Joystick Awards-2018”.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian developers 4A Games have created video game “Metro: Output” (Metro: Exodus) about a post-Apocalypse in Russia, which profile global publication Kotaku, PCGamer, Polygon named her one of the most anticipated games of the year. On Russian television called it a mockery of the “Muscovites”.