Video: Tesla has unveiled a new affordable electric car

Видео: Tesla представила новый бюджетный электрокар

Видео: Tesla представила новый бюджетный электрокар

Tesla officially prezentovala its new budget electrocreaser Model Y.

Pre-orders for the electric car is already open. The cheapest grade of Model Y is 39 thousand dollars, it will sell later in the spring of 2021. A single charge should be enough for 370 kilometers. The most expensive Model Y would cost US 60 thousand dollars. On one charge the car can travel up to 450 kilometers. More expensive version of the car will be available in 2020.

In General, there are four versions of the Model Y. the New model resembles the first budget electric car Tesla Model 3, but a new car anymore, it has a panoramic windshield and can accommodate up to 7 people in the cabin, if you add the third row of seats, writes The Verge.

Видео: Tesla представила новый бюджетный электрокар

We will remind, about the release of crossover Model Y the founder of Tesla, Musk said in October last year.

Previously, the company is a manufacturer of electric cars Tesla announced a price increase for their expensive models by 3%. Prior to this, Tesla has announced that it will begin to close their stores and move entirely to online sales. However, after the collapse on the stock exchange and reduce the price of Tesla stock for 8% the result of this decision, the company announced the closure of only half of the stores that were planned to be eliminated.