Video: the ceremony of awarding “Golden ball” broke the sexist scandal

Видео: на церемонии вручения награды «Золотой мяч» разразился сексистский скандал

In Paris December 3 63rd ceremony of one of the main football awards — the “Golden ball”. For the first time in history the title was awarded to the best football player – 23-year-old forward of the national team of Norway and the French “Lyon” Hell, Hegerberg.

During the ceremony, the footballer said in a speech that women should believe in themselves. She also thanked the coach and teammates, saying that without them would not have received the award, says Meduza.

Then, Hegerberg asked the master of ceremonies French DJ Martin Solveig. He asked the girls if she knew how to twerk, on that Hegerberg briefly said No and tried to leave the scene. After that, the player still reluctantly agreed to dance with French footballer David Gigoloi and danced with SolveigMM the song of Frank Sinatra.

Later, the athletes, journalists and spectators have accused Martin Solveig of discrimination against women. “Another example of the outrageous sexism that still exists in sports, — said British tennis player Andy Murray in stories on instagram. — Why does a woman still have to put up with it der…mom?”. Female football club “Roma” Solveiga called “the new idiot of the day”. Sports journalist Grant Shaft of Sports Illustrated described the incident as “sucks”.

After the ceremony Martin Solveig on Twitter asked forgiveness from all whom he might offend or insult, and stressed that he is always respectful to women. Solveig told me that he asked, Hegerberg to dance to the song of Sinatra, and not show twerk. According to him, the cause of the misunderstanding was the fact that he is not proficient in the English language. DJ also said that after the ceremony spoke to Hegerberg. “She told me that he understood that it was a joke,” said Solveig. He published a photo where he’s shaking hands with a football player.

At the same time, Hell, Hegerberg said he did not consider the statement of Martin Solveig sexual harassment. She told me that after the ceremony, Solveig approached her to talk. “He was really upset about what happened,” said the football player. She noted that she did not think about it during the ceremony, and was just happy to win the “Golden ball” and called his victory “a great day for women’s football.”

Recall that the best European footballer of 2018 was the midfielder of real Madrid and Croatia’s Luka Modric. 33-year-old broke the hegemony of the Argentine Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who distributed among themselves the award for the past 10 years, since 2008.

Earlier, the “real” more than ten times reduced the amount of the transfer of Modric. In August, the President of real Madrid said the amount of ransom for Modric.