Video: trailer of the movie “Mowgli” from Netflix

 Видео: трейлер фильма «Маугли» от Netflix

Streaming service Netflix revealed the trailer of the film “Maugli” (Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle), the film adaptation of “the jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.

The Director of the film — Andy Serkis, previously starring in the role of Gollum in “the Lord of the rings.”

The main role is played by Rohan Chand, and animals voiced by a Hollywood star: Shere Khan — Benedict Cumberbatch, Bagheera — Christian bale and Kaa — cate Blanchett.

In July of this year Netflix bought the rights to “Mowgli” at Warner Bros. It was assumed that the premiere will take place in 2019, but then it was moved to an earlier date. November 29, the movie will show in select movie theaters Los Angeles, new York, San Francisco and London. World premiere on Netflix will take place on 7 December.

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