Video: Ukrainian artists sang the REP-a Christmas Carol

Видео: Украинские исполнители спели рэп-колядку

Видео: Украинские исполнители спели рэп-колядку

Rapper Yarmak released the song “Good evening”, recorded with other well-known Ukrainian performers.

The company made up rapper Jamal, Alina Pash, LAUD, Den Da Funk, Mr. Makoundi and Fame. The basis of the track formed by the famous Ukrainian Christmas carols.

“This is the most spontaneous recording and shooting in my life! From writing the songs to the clip it took only two weeks. Only with such an incredible guys it could happen. Each of the participants of the collaboration wrote his part of the track, all together sounds very organic, ” he wrote in his Facebook Jamal.

Earlier Britain’s favourite children’s choir of the Queen Elizabeth II was played by a famous Ukrainian Carol.