Vikings season 5 : Episode 13, Bjorn rebels in the promo video

A few hours after the broadcast of a new episode of season 5 of the Vikings, check out what awaits you in the suite.

Episode 12 of season 5 of the Vikings was released there is little about History and it showed the arrival complicated Lagertha, Bjorn and the other on the land of king Alfred. According to the video promo of episode 13 you can see above, “A New God” promises to be just as complex as the characters, and especially to Bjorn. The king Alfred will want to in fact baptize the Viking warriors as he greeted before they do fighting for him. Obviously this won’t appeal to some, including Bjorn who sees his mother deny its past for the benefit of the world Heahmund.

Vikings saison 5 : Episode 13, Bjorn se rebelle dans la vidéo promo

Not really agree…

In episode 13 of season 5 of the Vikings, Heahmund will have to just convince the king Alfred that his actions in episode 12 were justified and intended to defend the crown. Even if the king believes it, difficult to believe that the murder was committed by Heahmund will remain unpunished. In Iceland, a new disappearance will shake the camp already well agitated followers of Floki. Finally, Kattegat, Ivar will make all the demonstration of his power in a sacrificial ceremony in which the first images are already cold in the back. Who will be the victim offered to the Gods ? Patience, we’ll know in a few days…