Vikings season 5 : Episode 13 tonight, Ivar made a sacrifice

There are no more than a few hours before the broadcast of a new episode of season 5 of the Vikings, and tonight, Ivar is the demonstration of his power.

The wait is nearing its end and it really is not long to wait until the airing of the episode 13 of season 5 of Vikings on History. In “A New God” and as you can see in the promo video above, Ivar is ready to show all of Kattegat that he is the king, and that he has things in hand. He will choose the people to sacrifice, and although we don’t know yet who it will be, we already know that this will be “known people” in order to impress the people of Kattegat. If Lagertha, Bjorn and the others were not in Wessex with Heahmund, suffice to say that the concern would be great…

Vikings saison 5 : Episode 13 ce soir, Ivar fait un sacrifice

Bjorn will accept-does it convert ?

Yet for the Vikings, who have fled Kattegat, things could turn bad also. King Alfred asked Lagertha, Torvi, Bjorn and Ubbe to be baptized according to the christian faith. A difficult change to accept for Bjorn, who remains refractory to these new allies. However, Ubbe and Torvi could, for their part, blend more easily in the new civilization that has welcomed them. In all cases the conflicts will be at the rendez-vous in the 13th episode of season 5 of the Vikings and one wonders if new commotions interiors will still take place.