Vikings season 5 : Episode 14, Ivar sacrifices SPOILER in the promo video

A few hours after the broadcast of a new episode of season 5 of the Vikings, check out what awaits you in the suite.

It’s only been a few hours since the episode 13 of season 5 of the Vikings was shown on History, but it already offers you to learn a little more about the following. The promo video of episode 14, titled “The Lost Moment”, indicates that the festivities around Ivar’s will continue to Kattegat and the famous sacrifice will take place. Although Ivar shouts the name of Lagertha at the end of the promo video above, we doubt that this is actually the old queen who is doomed to burn at the stake. In fact, Lagertha is still in Wessex and another important character and well-known of the gods could be sacrificed : the Seer. We hear screaming in the promo video, and because we can also assign a certain divine presence, it might be that Ivar wanted to end it to be the only god around.

Vikings saison 5 : Episode 14, Ivar sacrifie SPOILER dans la vidéo promo

Lagertha sacrificed ?

Even if Ivar would be willing to fool his subjects of Kattegat concerning the sacrifice of Lagertha, this could also be a blonde woman with long hair that he will sacrifice in episode 14 of season 5 of the Vikings. Killed, there is little, Margrethe could be confused with Lagertha and used by Ivar in order to fool people. Finally Hvitserk remains a possibility. On his side, Harald and his army continue to move forward to the Wessex for that new plots will be made in the back of the king Alfred. A bad news since it could continue to get Bjorn back in giving her orders as dry as what the promo video shows. Patience, still a few days to wait before you know if the Vikings will actually help to the king Alfred to fight against their own people.