Vikings season 5 : Episode 15 this evening, Lagertha and Harald face

There are no more than a few hours before the broadcast of a new episode of season 5 of the Vikings, and tonight, the war is declared.

A new episode of the 5 season of Vikings will be released in a few hours on History and the action should largely be at the rendezvous. In the episode 15, titled “Hell”, the king Alfred will be fighting with his men for the first time against Harald and his army Viking. In addition to conquer the territory of king Alfred, Harald would like to take the opportunity to get revenge on Lagertha. During the civil war of the mid-season finale, this last had to kill Astrid, which she was yet in love, who was also the wife of Harald, and that was carrying his child. This new battle will be the perfect opportunity for Harald to get revenge.

Vikings saison 5 : Épisode 15 ce soir, Lagertha et Harald se font face

Alfred on the field of battle

The episode 15 of season 5 of the Vikings will also be a dilemma for Bjorn, who will have to fight the Vikings on the side of the Saxons, is in total opposition with what he has always stood for. Will he actually take on his people or will he find a way out of this new battle ? Finally Heahmund will be also in doubt after having had a vision. His faith is in conflict with his past transgressions, and this could lead to taking a final decision as to its religious role. A battle, a reunion also crucial that dangerous and a good dose of introspection we expect in the new episode of Vikings.