Vikings season 5 : Episode 18, Lagertha return in a pitiful state in the promo video

A few hours after the broadcast of a new episode of season 5 of the Vikings, check out what awaits you in the suite.

There is only 3 episodes to the season 5 of the Vikings and the pace finally seems ready to accelerate. In the promo video for episode 18 titled “Baldur”, Lagertha remade to finally surface, but in bad shape. It is Astrid who will fall on it, possibly after it is captured by the Saxons who would not have recognized. It must be said that the former queen has undergone a true physical transformation, first of all, after the death of Astrid, and now after Heahmund. Will return to it one day the valiant warrior that she was ? This becomes more and more unlikely…

Vikings saison 5 : Episode 18, Lagertha de retour en piteux ?tat dans la vid?o promo

Lagertha will she be able to overcome his tragedies ?

The 18th episode of season 5 of the Vikings will show the arrival of Hvitserk in the supposed allies of Ivar. Just as Bjorn and Harald, Hvitserk will be willing him also to betray his brother and to warn others : Ivar is a tyrant that must be stopped. Has Kattegat, Ivar will end up with more and more enemies – although it is not yet known – and another event to manage : the delivery of his wife Freydis. According to the synopsis, this child will come with a surprise and we wonder if Ivar will eventually discover that it is not a question of his own. Finally Ubbe will negotiate with the Danish kings who want to attack the king Alfred, but this could turn out badly.