Viruses can protect a simple and inexpensive product

От вирусов может защитить простой и недорогой продукт

Cure COVID-19 had not been invented, but to boost your immune system, to minimize the risk of infection, can be quite.

In a pandemic coronavirus, freely walking in Europe, doctors suggest to come to grips with strengthening your immune system to protect or minimize the risk of infection. To do this, eat healthy foods, and foremost among them is seaweed.

Doctor of medical Sciences Michael Ginzburg explained that kelp does not lose its beneficial properties with any method of cooking. Therefore, it can be eaten salted, canned or in the form of chips.

In all States it actively stimulates antibacterial and antiviral effects. The only condition is to consume kelp in food should be regularly at least several times a week.

Seaweed can replace or Supplement the usual salad, combining it with other foods, for example carrots or beets. Useful and tasty to use kelp as an appetizer to the main dish – potatoes or meat. There are in seaweed and is another useful feature, in addition to strengthening the immune system and protect against viruses.

Algae contain a lot of iodine. In case of its deficiency the risk of developing hypothyroidism is a condition that may develop in diseases of the thyroid gland. Early symptoms occur under the guise of chronic fatigue in which we are, – said Michael Ginsburg.


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