Vitaa (Destination Eurovision 2019) : Its role as a sworn, participation in The Voice France, the new album… It says it all (EXCLUDED)

Sworn in the issue Destination Eurovision on France 2, Vitaa has entrusted exclusively to melty to us about his role and his future projects.

A few days ago, Bilal Hassani has unveiled his title “King” co-written with Mrs. Mr. bound for Eurovision 2019. The contest begins on Saturday 12 January 2019 on France 2 and of the election of the artist and the song that will represent France at the Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, on may 18, next. While the winner of the Destination Eurovision 2019 may already be known in the jury of the show, we find Christophe Willem, then, that Andr? Manoukian and Vitaa are the new ones. All three will need to refer to the votes of viewers, who alone will have the last word. On the occasion of the launch, Vitaa has entrusted exclusively to melty to us about his role, his career and his future projects.

melty : Hey Vitaa ! We’ll see you in the adventure Destination Eurovision on France 2. How have you been contacted ?

Vitaa, a certified Destination Eurovision 2019 : It is the production that has contacted my management and obviously my name came out almost unanimously and I am very touched that they thought of me. I find that the jury this year is really representative of the musical colors of France, and I think that with Andre and Christophe it is super diverse. It is well thought out and I am very happy to participate in this adventure !

melty : What will be your role in the show ?

Vitaa : This year, the difference compared to last year is that we do not give notes. We are here to give our opinion on the performances and songs so that when the same influence people or in any case put into words what the viewers do not have the capacity to perceive through their screen.

melty : Do not fear-you not have to judge talent live ?

Vitaa : I’m a little bit worn for the past two years because I am a coach in The Voice Belgium. It is precisely this that thrilled me at the beginning when I accepted the adventure of The Voice because I didn’t want to be seen as a judge because I put myself in their place and sincerely me at the time I would never have done this kind of issue because I would not have had the shoulders to be judged. I think there is more here to give our opinion and try to give reference points to people. It is still necessary to remember that our role and help in finding the song that will represent France at the Eurovision and not to say “Yeah I think you’ve sung” or “I think you lack a bit of treble”. It should rather be said why the song is effective, why it is still in the lead, why it hit us and how. In any case, I will be extremely caring and if I don’t like it I would say that it has not touched me, but I’m not here to be nasty or to judge. The artists who will exhibit in this year have careers behind them, I think of Chimene Badi and Emmanuel Moire, and I find it super brave of them.

melty : What do you think of the 18 candidates and their songs ?

Vitaa : To be very honest with Christophe Willem, it has not listened to the songs on a voluntary basis to keep the surprise, to be really sincere and spontaneous in our reactions. It was he who told me that he had done it last year and I think it’s very smart otherwise I fear that it is spinning in my head and I tell myself “Yeah, there is-what I will say, that is what I will do” and finally that lack of natural. I prefer to discover and direct instinct, because as a song it is what it is, when a song touches us, it is instantaneous.

melty : do you Have a small pet ?

Vitaa : I’ve heard about artists who are present. I know that some are very popular on social networks but I have not listened to the songs. I don’t have favorites, but I look forward to hearing all of it. Andr? Manoukian told me that there were mixtures is quite unusual with modern music, with a touch a little bit crazy, I believe that there is a Corse, which presents… Some pretty crazy !

melty : What do you think of the course of the last year’s winners, the duo, Madam Sir ?

Vitaa : I think they are a very nice course. Andr? spoke of their performance in the final last year at the Eurovision contest, and said that the staging lacked maybe a little bit of madness and that it is important when we come to this stage. I think in any case that it is an original duo and the song was strong. They’re now on this success, they have done a beautiful course and they had reason to be involved. We feel nevertheless that it is a true torque; it is a composer, he is an artist. One feels that there is something between them and I like it a lot.

melty : Is that you could one day represent France at the Eurovision ?

Vitaa : I was never proposed to do that, but I don’t know if I would want to do it because it is not obvious. We are not here to showcase us, to pass on to the emotion. The most important thing is to find the best song to represent France. It is in competition with all the countries of Europe and this is not easy.

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melty : You’re a coach in the Belgian version of The Voice. But what do you think of the French version ?

Vitaa : It is true that I have a little bit longer looked at the French version since I am a coach in The Voice Belgium. At the program level, it is exactly the same thing, it’s the same production. But I find that it is different to the level of involvement of coaches. In Belgium, it is really only with our teams, it was carte blanche, in particular on everything that is artistic choices, production, arrangements. I know that in France it is a little more complicated because Slimane told me. In the belgian version, it’s fun, we make lives awesome and it is really a super great opportunity for young artists to get in front of the television.

melty : Would you like to be a coach the next season in France ? Has there ever proposed ?

Vitaa : I was not proposed, but, of course, that if I agreed to do so in Belgium, it is the same thing in France. So why not, but after we would see with my planning. I am fortunate to be able to do a lot of chance to go on tour. But on the principle, of course, I would be very honored to participate.

melty : Your album J4M has been certified platinum. You’re proud of ?

Vitaa : Completely. This album is a little the realisation of four to five years of work, of reconstruction. It is a real team work and I think of all the composers who have worked with me. I’m behind all my songs because I write and I write but it is true that on this album even more than on the others I have had the desire to go surround myself with all the sizes in terms of the composers in this niche is urban Pop, and it gives an album very current. I also have the chance to have an audience who supports me since 2005 now, and away I went on tour and it is a reward for me. We left zero with J4M and finally he made his own way and he is en route to the double-platinum. It’s been twelve years that I do this business and this is not easy to take, it is a lot of work.

melty : You’ve collaborated with Ma?tre Gims, Jul, Slimane, Claudio Cap?o… What meeting you have marked the most ?

Vitaa : It’s funny this is the speech that I am doing on stage. I ask people and they tell me all the names of my guest appearances and I often say that my most beautiful encounter this is my audience. They know my songs by heart, this is an incredible fervor, especially with the”Confessions nocturnes”. After I had the chance to do duets incredible. I would say that in the last meetings that I was able to do so, Slimane, this is a true blow of heart. It is related to friendship and artistically too. We work together a lot.

melty : What are your projects for the year 2019 ?

Vitaa : We are already working on the next album, which will be very conceptual. We can not yet reveal everything, but it will not be long. Everything that happened with J4M it has led us to other horizons, and we will announce it very soon. But this album is very very crazy ! I also have my tour, which resumes in the month of march and festivals throughout the summer.

melty : A word for the readers of melty ?

Vitaa : A big kiss to all the readers of melty and full of good things for this year in 2019, and thank you to all those who support me.