Vlad Topalov wants to revise a complicated relationship with his father

Влад Топалов хочет пересмотреть сложные отношения с отцом

Singer Vlad Topalov in an interview Around TV, told about how is fatherhood.

Vlad Topalov 5 December 2018 for the first time became a father. His wife, a popular Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko in one of the Moscow hospitals bore him a son. The pair have long remained silent about what happened during Regina’s pregnancy and after the birth of the child and does no longer appear in the public space. However, not so long ago and Vlad, and Regina began to speak openly about what is happening in their life.

So, on the YouTube channel Around TV released an interview with Topalov. In it, the actor spoke about his relationship with Sergei Lazarev, why the group broke up Smash! and many other things. One of the topics was the fatherhood Vlad. The interview was filmed before the birth of his first child, but because Topalov spoke about how he imagines fatherhood. In particular, he said that he only verbally aware of what awaits him responsibility, but in fact not yet feel it.

“I’m not afraid of difficulties. I have had enough of life and I can say that with God’s help, I overcame. Therefore, fear I have not. Something new, unknown, Yes. But I find it very interesting and I look forward to all your father’s intentions,” — said Vlad.

Besides, Vlad said that he began to reconsider his relationship with his father, who, as we know, had the artist not the warmest, writes clutch.ua.