Vladimir Zelensky told how Ukrainians should live

Владимир Зеленский рассказал, как должны жить украинцы

Vladimir Zelensky in the new season of the film “the Servant of the people”, where he plays the role of the head of state, told how to live simple Ukrainian.

The video appeared online on the Facebook page “Kvartal 95”. His subordinate, the President Goloborodko tells how to live the ordinary “Ivan Ivanovich” — i.e. a simple Ukrainian, reports Politeka.

“Needs to execute its business any which he would not have wanted a maximum of half an hour after his three years no one to touch, no extra controllers, no checks, you will do anything to destroy all blood-sucking bodies to him, earning money, was profitable to pay taxes to the budget.

You cut taxes, so he knew what to pay white much more profitable than to give a bribe,” challenges the President to his official.

Also Goloborodko added that when “Mr. Smith” wants to buy the apartment, you will be pleasantly surprised by the low prices, because the developer had to give the paw for permission.

“At the end of the month Ivan Ivanovich will come bills with adequate human rates, for this you need to eliminate the monopoly on a energy resources. And by the end of the year, Smith will want somewhere to relax naturally using Locosto, for this you need to work, lest these companies put a spoke in the wheel, and even if someone will tell you that it is unprofitable for the country — it doesn’t matter, it should be beneficial for Ivan Ivanovich”.

In the end, the President Goloborodko offers “Ivan Ivanovich” will be back from vacation on European cars that will be profitable, because customs clearance will be adequate duty. Well, if “Mr. Smith” sick — he don’t have to worry, because the state has medical insurance and no one “nags” money writes hyser.com.ua.