Walmart Canada presents a training program for people with disabilities

Walmart Canada announced Tuesday a new program for people with developmental disabilities, including providing stipends for trainees.
The initiative comes about fifteen months after the retailer ended its hiring program for people with disabilities. The decision caused an uproar and a few days after employees with disabilities were laid off, Walmart backtracked by announcing their rehiring.

In the face of the public relations disaster that was emerging, the retail giant added that it would work to find new arrangements that would provide support to participants, adding that they could include the possibility of directly hiring these people with disabilities.

The program that is being discussed on Tuesday provides for all current participants a paid internship opportunity or a volunteer internship opportunity, with the option of renewing the contract. These options will be possible with the support of schools, health and social service institutions, and non-profit organizations that serve these people with disabilities.

New participants joining the program to replace current participants will be offered a paid internship opportunity with a renewable contract. In the case of volunteer placements with a contract, it may be renewed once, for a maximum of two years, allowing these new participants to acquire new skills.

Josée Monette, Vice President, Human Resources at Walmart Canada, believes this is a better-tailored program that is better suited to the reality of people with developmental disabilities and offers them a social integration environment.

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