Walt Disney beats records

Walt Disney бьёт рекорды

The experts said that the film Walt Disney was able to beat his own record two years ago.

Reports Replyua.net we are talking about a record box office specific to the current year. According to experts, in world hire of films of the specified film managed to collect approximately seven billion dollars. A large amount of money Walt Disney brought audiences living outside of North America. Here cash fees equal to approximately four billion dollars. However, on these indicators the company is not going to stop. At Walt Disney have all chances to multiply your money, thanks to the release of the film “Mary Poppins returns”.

It is noted that over the past period the most popular products of the company were “Avengers 3: infinity War” and “Black Panther”. The first picture was able to raise about two billion dollars. The second brought the film one billion three hundred million dollars. A little behind its predecessors in the cartoon “the Incredibles 2”. In world hire it has earned more than one billion dollars. Recall that Walt Disney is a film company that has won more than a quarter of the market of the United States of America.