We loose not the case and you can imagine how the Avengers can become embedded in Captain Marvel

The cast of the Avengers could find themselves transported smack in the middle of the action of Captain Marvel !

Calm down Captain Marvel, you’re not the only one to have marked the 90 years of the MCU ! And when you think about it, it is pretty unlikely that you had walked the Earth without any of our other favorite super heroes do you note… Then yes, it is time to ask the question : what if the cast of the Avengers decided to come in and do a quick hello to the new badass in the neighborhood ? At the beginning of melty, we have devised 5 ways to integrate one or more members of the team in the film, which comes out in theaters on march 6, 2019 !

Captain America is out, but where is Bucky ?

Do we grant it on the fact that Captain America is out of the game for this time. Why ? Because in the years 90, the good old Chris Evans was still playing with the fish in the deep end of the ocean. In contrast, his former partner, Bucky, who took the time to liquidate the parents of Tony Stark… Now almost a Avengers, he might well have interacted with Captain Marvel at one time or another. Then, a small cameo from Sebastian Stan, would it be too much to ask ?

The Black Widow in the first mission ?

On July 24, 1995, the KGB had the good idea of bringing Natasha Romanoffs, sweet and innocent young girl, 11 years old, into its ranks. In the course of his training in the Red Room, Natasha would have been able to perform its first tasks in the same time axis as Captain Marvel ? We agree, this wrong with this theory is that Scarlett Johansson has gone slightly over the age to interpret an 11 year old girl. But hey, it’s nice to dream.

Tony Stark seeks revenge

On December 16, 1991, Tony Stark, a young girl, loses her parents in a horrible “car accident”. If he does not know yet that Howard and Maria Stark were killed at the hand of Bucky, maybe he started to search for answers, and would have crossed the road of Carol Danvers… Everything is possible to imagine !

The Hawk Eye sees everything !

Hawkeye was well the forties when takes place the Avengers : Infinity War, even if it does not appear. It is said that his training had to start in the 1990s. Logic. How, then, do not assume that he is, also, found at one time or another face the character of Jude Law for example ? Retain the hope that Jeremy Renner appears before us as a gift of heaven from the month of march !

Hello, we have gone back in time !

Good, then, you have to admit it is the theory you like the most. You know that one of the 15 rumors that shake the phases 4 and 5 of the MCU for the time travel. To bring back all the dead in Avengers : Infinity War, we imagine that the Stone of time will have a role to play. And as a Marvel we are used to it, Captain Marvel will surely be a scene post-generic showing us images of Avengers 4. And if… The Avengers landed squarely in the world of Carol Danvers ? She drinks her coffee quietly on the terrace in 1996, history to recover from his emotions after fighting the Skrulls. And then BOOM, the Avengers, the survivors landed in force to bring it back with them in 2019 and try to save the other with his help. It is easy to imagine Thor him out : “Hey, Lady, we need your help !” You have to admit that this is very plausible as a theory ! Then, somewhat agree, or completely against ?