What foods can not eat before exercise

Какие продукты нельзя есть перед тренировкой

Food before exercise is a very important subject that we should pay attention. Exercise and proper nutrition are considered a safe combination for weight loss. But even healthy foods have their “side effects”. Harmful before class products, said the experts, reports newsyou.info.

Raw vegetables

You should avoid foods high in fiber. It means to exclude whole-grain, salad, raw vegetables. They lead to bloating and discomfort.

Spicy food

A popular trick for losing weight is to add spices in food to accelerate the metabolism does not work before training. Spicy food, according to nutritionist that can cause abdominal pain

Smoothies, juices, and acidic fruit

Be careful with healthy. The main difficulty for the digestive system is the amount of fruit acids. If its too much, it causes discomfort in the stomach. Juices contain a lot of fructose – they also have poor quench your thirst – neither before exercise nor after.

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