What is the hourly salary for orderlies?

Quel salaire horaire pour les préposés aux bénéficiaires?

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The government Legault wants to train 10 000 orderlies from mid-June to mid-September.

The decision of the prime minister Legault offering $ 26 an hour for the attendants to beneficiaries for its recruitment campaign has surprised the two major unions at the heart of the negotiations in the public sector. Until last Wednesday, the prime minister had always spoken of $ 25 per hour.

“We were a little surprised and was tried to see how he arrived at this figure-there “, said the vice-president of the Confederation of national trade unions (CSN), Caroline Senneville, in an interview. “You don’t understand. In none of our calculations, we come to this even including all sorts of awards that are announced as temporary until it can rule on the issue more generally. “

The Federation of workers of Quebec (FTQ) asked if this pot of honey to attract more people to the profession will turn rather to the vinegar once the collective agreement is signed. “They’re going to be disappointed, especially if we do not improve the conditions for the exercise of employment, because what is offered here has already been offered in the form of a pilot project in the network there is not so long,” said the president, FTQ Daniel Boyer, in an interview. “There has been a cohort of thirty attendants in some CIUSSS and CISSS that has been formed on the spot, quickly, in approximately three months, and there’s the third that remained in the end of the runway “, he added.

The government Legault wants to train 10 000 orderlies from mid-June to mid-September, hoping that a second wave of infections with the coronavirus will not happen before the fall. “If they succeed in their course, after three months, well, there, they are going to win the new salary that we give is through the bonuses that are temporary or that are offered in the collective agreements, which starts at $ 26 an hour, so 940 $ per week, $ 49,000 a year,” said Mr. Legault on Wednesday.

This rounded amount includes the base salary of the beneficiary attendants of 20,55 per hour, and three premiums — premium non-overlap of 2 % (0,41 $ per hour), premium COVID of 8 % (additional $ 1.65 per hour) and the premium of $ 100 per week for the incentive to work full-time (2,76 $ per hour). The remuneration may climb to 29,50 per hour for a person who would work 4 weeks affiliate full-time because of an other incentive award.

The president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, recognizes that the offers of the government unveiled last week did not reach quite this amount. “Not at the moment, but we are in bargaining and what Mr. Legault said — and this is very clear : “I want it to be at least someone has now if he returns with the premiums COVID and I’m going to do everything in order for it to be sustainable when we can sign the agreement of the collective agreement.” “

The government Legault approach of bonuses to avoid a “domino effect” on other categories of employment. However, the unions want an increase in the hourly rate and not a series of premiums that would not qualify in the calculation of the pension and disability insurance. “If we want to increase the pay of 12 % or 18 % as it is announced, that increases the salary scale by 12%, or 18 %, that’s all,” said Mr. Boyer.

Without wanting to reveal all of its game, the minister Dubé prompt the unions to the negotiating table. “What I say to the unions : “come to finalize with us and we will find a way because we must attract these people, he said. This is not just a question of salary. There is talk of an extra holiday, of many, many normative elements that come make it interesting, but it is necessary that one sits down and negotiates. “

The president of the treasury Board hopes that the unions will want to settle the new collective agreement for public sector employees before the arrival dreaded for a second wave of the COVID-19.

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