What streets and squares will be repaired in 2019

Какие улицы и площади отремонтируют в 2019 году

Какие улицы и площади отремонтируют в 2019 году

“Kievavtodor” is preparing to overhaul the street Tupolev, Chernobyl, Fedorov, Zabolotnogo, Family Kulzhenko, avenues Palladin and Truth. On the streets of Chernobyl are satisfied with storm sewer and street Tupolev mount the new lighting poles.

In 2019 overhaul will take place on the streets of Bratislava, Charles, Nikolsko-Botanical, Darnitsa in Kiev and St. Sophia squares, the avenues of Stepan Bandera and Cosmonaut Komarov Avenue, the Metropolitan highway. Also this year, to reconstruct the Landscape alley and begin to build a road between DVRS and Brovarsky prospect, writes “Evening Kiev”.

Also in 2019 will continue to be located on Rusanovsky bridge, begun in 2018, be repaired, two of the overpass on a street repair the overpass and pedestrian bridge over the Avenue Komarova.

Earlier in Kiev declared all “tired” bridges. 75 bridges and overpasses are in a derelict state, three of them in a very “tired”.

Recall, Shulyavska overpass is dismantled in March. During repairs the bridge will block.

Also in Kiev rekonstruiruet tram stop on Kontraktova square.

Previously, the Council has allocated land for the metro station to the Husbandman. Experts have already conducted preliminary surveys of the areas and found that they do not grow valuable trees.

As previously reported, the Kyiv metro has canceled a tender to develop a feasibility study of the metro line to troieschyna. Then the authorities promised to announce a new tender.