When in Kiev warmer

Когда в Киеве потеплеет

Когда в Киеве потеплеет

Next weekend, 16 and 17 March, the weather in Kyiv will still be cold. Warmer in the city from next week.

On Saturday, March 16, in Kiev, rains and strong, close to a storm, the West wind, said weather forecaster Natalka Didenko on his page in Facebook. The day will be 5-6 degrees Celsius, but the wind will be cold. March 17 in Kiev will be warmer and no precipitation.

We will remind, in the center of Kiev, near the metro station “Golden gate”, metal roof blew off into the roadway of the street Lysenko. In General, rescuers because of strong wind in Kiev made 14 visits.

In Ukraine in the result of bad weather with squally wind, two people died, another four were in the hospital.