When the biological parents will see their child again?

Quand les parents biologiques pourront-ils revoir leurs enfants?

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Due to the pandemic, the social services have suspended the physical encounters between children cared for by foster families and their biological parents.

Parents who have access legal for their children supported by foster families will be able to review before too long their offspring ? The judgments of the court that make legal access of the biological parents to their children under certain terms have been suspended because of the emergency measures related to the pandemic COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the social services have suspended the physical encounters. Unless specific agreements on a case-by-case basis, in order to protect the host families, these visits are prohibited.

Because of the health crisis, Sonia Lafontaine has not seen his daughter 14 years of age for nearly seven weeks, she says in an interview at the Duty. To preserve the identity of a minor, her name has been changed. “Let’s say that locking up a teenager deprived of his friends and his mother. Sure it’s plays on the temperament of my daughter. I have goals to achieve with my daughter, but I don’t see it. So, I can’t work much with it. “

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At the time we discuss the terms of reopening graduated from the school world, the government of québec has he thought about the children who are in foster care, who can’t see their biological parents for the past seven weeks ? Measures have been envisaged so that these children can find, according to the terms and conditions of access legal provided, their biological parents ?

In response to these questions on the occasion of its balance sheet daily, the prime minister of Quebec has stressed the exceptional nature of the situation. “It is a situation which is exceptional, but I can understand that it creates problems, among other things, for the biological families compared to the families home. We will try to solve it case-by-case basis. “

This will not be resolved necessarily quickly, ” said François Legault. “But you are going to understand that… I explained earlier that, here, it is necessary that the people, quietly, is déconfinent, but quietly, gradually. So, is it that we are able to include some people to go see their biological family ? This is a case-by-case basis. I think you have to be open, sensitive to that, but it is also to be understood that we are in a situation where it avoids precisely that too many people meet. “

At the end of march, Geneviève Rioux, president of the Federation of foster families and intermediate resources of Quebec (FFARIQ), had expressed concern for the foster families, given that the terms of the access of the biological parents did very often not at all in a health environment safe. These children of the DPJ were in contact with several speakers and adults, without special security measures. The pandemic had encouraged the government to impose measures of distancing exceptional. The return to a more normal has not yet been the subject of a specific plan.

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