When the series become your best remedy for winter !

Quand les s?ries deviennent ton meilleur rem?de hivernal !

It is the winter ! And what better when it is cold that slid under the duvet and watch series ? It is the best remedy to all our problems !

After the heat wave and the beautiful summer prolonged we’ve been up to in the winter ! The cold attacks us little by little and the snow will soon be installed on our roofs. It is the perfect time to stay home and binge-watcher to the max series without guilt. And on this side we are well spoiled ! Between This is Us, American Horror Story and the return of the Vikings, we have the choice ! What are the series that will heal your sorrows and prevent boredom in the bitter cold of the end of the year ? It tells you everything !

If you have a family problem, you need to subdue This is Us

Over the episodes and seasons, this series proves to us that despite the betrayals, the fights, and the vicissitudes of life, a family remains a family. All will work out if you really want. We cannot break the links of blood as easily ! Except in Game of Thrones of course…

  • Find This is Us every Wednesday on the myCANAL to time US, and every Sunday at 20: 50 on CANAL+ SERIES !

If it snows and you’re stuck in you, you must mater The Walking Dead

Quand les s?ries deviennent ton meilleur rem?de hivernal !

Not only is this series is legendary and in addition to that, there’s 9 seasons ! So you have time to binge-watcher quiet until the end of the winter. And if you’ve already looked at, you will probably have a lot of fun to revisit it again ! The Walking Dead will make you go up the slope.

  • The season 9 is being broadcast, you can find it every Monday at the hour of US on myCANAL and at 20.45 on OCS SHOCK. The first eight seasons are available on OCS.

If you have an argument with a friend, you have to mater Buffy the vampire slayer

Quand les s?ries deviennent ton meilleur rem?de hivernal !

This is a classic and it was always the morale of the look of the series to the old. The friendship in Buffy, it is sacred ! Despite the years that separate us from that old and beautiful memories, we will always take as much fun to watch Buffy the vampire slayer.

  • The complete seven seasons, is back on Fox Play with myCANAL

If you have had a bad grade, you have to mater The Big Bang Theory

In life there are people who have the intellectual capabilities very high, and others a bit less ! Nothing dramatic in either ! Big Bang Theory will show you that no matter what happens, you remonteras always the slope. This is only a wrong note, there will be others. You can only get better ! Listening to these geeks talk about, and all your problems will fly.

  • Every Friday on myCANAL to time US, and every Monday at 20: 50 on CANAL+ SERIES

If you have a pain of heart, you must subdue American Horror Story

Quand les s?ries deviennent ton meilleur rem?de hivernal !

Ah, love… Stop watching these series in the rose water with tissue and ice cream (sorry for the clich?). If you want to change the ideas and evacuate your anger and your pain, look at this series much trash and move on to something else ! Everything will be better after a good scene creepy, who will question everything. You will see that your life is finally not so bad !

  • Season 8 : Revelation is back on myCANAL.

If you want to evacuate your anger, you have to subdue the Vikings

It is the event of the end of the year ! The return of Vikings on our screens. If you have hatred, no need to go type in your punshing-ball, installs you quiet in your couch and matt, this series of crazy ! Betrayals, blood, honor, sacrifice : the perfect combo to finish 2018 in beauty ! You will not be disappointed.

  • Season 5b of Vikings arrives as early as November 29 on myCANAL and 30 November on CANAL+ SERIES.

If you feel like you laugh a good shot, you have to mater Access

Quand les s?ries deviennent ton meilleur rem?de hivernal !

Access it is first of all a series created by Ahmed Sylla. When you know the comedian and actor, it is without surprise that we discover the result ! If you spent a bad day and you need to have a good laugh, you just have to mater Access to feel a little better !

  • This series is back every Wednesday at 21h on C8