“Where are you going when you sleep while walking …?” To conquer the banks

After two years of investing in the Parliament Hill, where many citizens of the capital work, the “Where do you go when you sleep while walking …?” Goes to meet the public in a recreational area: destination popular with runners, cyclists, skiers or skaters, the shores of the Saint-Charles river will welcome as of May 23 five brand new paintings and their interpreters. In anticipation of this flagship activity of the International Theater Crossroads, meet with the artistic coordinator Alexandre Fecteau and the designers behind the five proposals.
For many Quebec City residents, the banks of the Saint-Charles River serve as a backyard. But they remain unknown to the general public, according to Alexandre Fecteau, who chose them to welcome the new version of the popular theatrical path Where do you go when you sleep while walking …?

“It’s a place where you do not come if you’re not a sportsman. The fact remains that the highway and the river are barriers. It has been said that we are on the border of four neighborhoods. These are real physical boundaries. Before the Three Sisters Bridge, we did not go from Saint-Sauveur to Limoilou very easily. We had to go to Marie-de-l’Incarnation … It’s not beside! “Observes Alexandre Fecteau, who thinks it’s a great opportunity to build bridges between corners of the city that would seem far away.

“We do not really understand where we are and how we relate to the rest of the city. This is an area that we do not understand very well. The river is winding … The highway, when you’re not on it, it creates detours all around. I saw a great potential to reweave the urban fabric in the head of the world, “says the one who oversees his second career, activity renewed every two years at the International Theater Crossroads.

“Here we are at all kinds of extremes that people do not connect together,” he says. I think it’s really fun in a city to connect songs. It’s to see how close Pointe-aux-Lièvres is to Expocité, how Victoria Park is close to Place Fleur-de-Lys … ”

Size challenge

The artisans from where you go … are used to thinking big, but this year they are facing a daunting challenge, while they occupy the Lavigueur Bridge – they will have to surrender to cars between each performance – and the river itself, where the artist Martin Bureau will create a gigantic ice jam made of objects of all kinds.

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