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Стоит ли идти в IT и как Украине стать второй Кремниевой долиной. Блог Эрана Лассера

Now in Ukraine there is a boom in IT-education

The rapid development of technologies leads to the fact that a large number of people realizing the demand adjust to it and changing my life. Ukraine is called a second Silicon Valley. Because the number of really talented and innovative IT professionals rolls.

Стоит ли идти в IT и как Украине стать второй Кремниевой долиной. Блог Эрана ЛассераSince most of the specialists who now work in IT, have received basic education before the so-called boom, at the time they had to be retrained in order to meet the requirements of the market.

Now in Ukraine is a real boom of IT education. Wanting to be in trend, to grow and to make decent, retraining, given the market demand, begin just thousands of people. They are called switches. Many of the younger generation start to learn programming even before he could finish school.

The number of IT specialists in Ukraine is growing annually. If in 2016 the estimated figure was around 100 000 people the year 2017 126 990. Last year, the market grew by 27%. Demand, in turn, does not stop, but only grows. With it, both domestic and foreign markets: “sahantie” Ukrainian developer in an international company is profitable and prestigious deal for both sides.

Ukrainian universities are in the lead among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in number of graduates in “urban” professions. It’s about 15 thousand over the last year. And private courses produce about 50 thousand specialists per year related to programming. According to official data it is almost twice in comparison with the figure of 2015. According to forecasts, in 2018, the number of graduates will increase by another half.

Hi-tech promised land: Israel is developing in the field of IT-technologies

Similar boom was experienced by Israel, which is now rightly called the land of technology entrepreneurship and the “nation of startups”. Now Israel has more venture capital investment, the Internet companies, scientists and IT specialists per capita than anywhere else on the planet, and on the proportion of investment in various research and development, Israel ranks first in the world 4,3% of GDP. For comparison, in the USA the figure is 2.2%.

The presence of highly qualified personnel and experience in the country attract leading multinational corporations. Today in Israel are R&D centers in all large companies: Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Dell etc.

In IT Israel now employs more than 300 thousand people, is the largest industry, which continues to grow rapidly despite the population. In Israel — 8.5 million people. For comparison, in California, where Silicon valley, is 39 million, and in Ukraine — $ 42 million.

How is this possible? At one point our government decided to focus on the development of Hi-tech. After all, the key asset of Israel is its people. Their potential has been implemented, including through the training of it personnel for the army.

Israel is making a huge bet on training and individual techniques. For example, in the it unit of the Israeli army MAMRAM actively using a methodology called TELEM. The main point is to remove the gap between theoretical knowledge and reality, so each of the subject blocks is thought out to the smallest detail — less theory, simulation of real work experience, integration, development of real projects in groups. The problem with many developers is the inability to communicate. So Israel, knowing that, a team pays special attention. By the way, in order to fully receive training in MAMRAM, to be 6 years.

Why the Ukrainian labor market is experiencing a boom of switchers

As elsewhere in the world, Ukrainian candidates are attracted by the high salary, social package, work in demand around the world and, accordingly, the possibility of relocation.

The demand for programmers and developers in our country is high not only in the field of high technologies. The developers need all: both banks and agriculture.

The number of IT professionals has about 100 thousand, but the need for new people is measured in tens of thousands of new jobs in the coming years. It is not surprising that more and more Ukrainians seek to “enter into IT”.

To keep IT, or not to go? That is the question

Information technology is a very promising area for career building. At some point, we should ask ourselves — is it worth it to change professions, and associate your life with the IT-sphere? Despite the seeming simplicity of the question, the answer is not always obvious.

It is believed that the pros in the first place needs to be inclined to mathematics, computer science and working with technology. They need to have an analytical mind, good memory and the ability to work with a large amount of information. Also essential qualities for all employees in this field, regardless of position, are motivated, “burning eyes”, good English and ability to present themselves, for example, during employment or communicating with the customer.

Why people decide to change professions?

How long IT the profession will be relevant?

According to forecasts, by 2020 the volume of Ukrainian IT market will double. The number of orders for IT companies is growing from year to year, and accordingly will increase the number of people employed in this field specialists.

One of the main and obvious reasons for the increase – the world is moving towards technology and this process will only gain momentum.

The world of jobs in Hi-Tech industry are already very different: programmers, designers, product managers — this specialty does not end there. Every year there will be new professions, where everyone will probably be able to find yourself.

Columnist – Eran Lasser, co-founder DAN IT Education.

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