Who says how long can recover cases of coronavirus man

ВОЗ поясняет, за какое время может выздороветь заболевший коронавирусом человек

The world health organization (who) explains: for the recovery of a person with a disease caused by a novel coronavirus, it may take several weeks.

As reported MedikForum.ru this information was shared by the Executive Director of the world health organization for emergency situations Mike Ryan. According to the who representative for complete healing after infection with a coronavirus infection should be up to 6 weeks.

“People who suffer from very severe forms of the disease, recovery may take months”, – said Mike Ryan.

The expert explained that it is a criterion of healing. The patient does not have symptoms, and his two sequential test for the virus, made at least one day apart, are negative. At the same time, some countries may assess the recovery in different ways, he added.

Who remind you that there are no drugs to treat mers, but with proper care and symptomatic treatment of the infected can recover.

According to the latest data, the majority of victims of infection coronavirus infection were residents of China. In second place on mortality in Italy, followed by Iran and South Korea.


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