Why fans believe that Billy Iles — transgender

Почему фанаты уверены, что Билли Айлиш — трансгендер

18-year-old Billy Ailes one of the most successful Actresses of the world.

Majority Iles Billy got many Grammy awards, offer to write a song for the new film about James bond, and several shots for the covers of glossy magazines.

Increased attention to Billy in connection with her appearances on “Oscar” and “Grammy” provoked an avalanche of comments on her blog, in which the singer insistently asking whether former it guy. Perhaps these questions she found it possible to ask, because the singer has reached the age of majority.

But it is interesting that almost a year ago on Reddit there was a post with assumptions about transgender Billy from a user who already deleted their account. The author claimed that 99.9 % sure Billy is transgender.

Почему фанаты уверены, что Билли Айлиш — трансгендер

“I think she was born a man and made the transition. There are plenty of signs that make it obvious. I was in shock when I googled about it and realized that nothing on the Internet about this. I think that baggy clothing is not just her fashion statement. Her movements, voice. Probably this post will have to be removed because her family hides a reason all” — suggested the user of the site, but your post is not deleted.

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On the comments from the fans about gender Billy is not responding. And a lot of them. “Look at the shape of his face, his shoulders, his body resemble the body of Justin Bieber on the posters, but he is a man, awake!”, “Poor boy, you became a girl, because your parents sold your soul?” — write under baby photos Billy.

Почему фанаты уверены, что Билли Айлиш — трансгендер

Billy Ailes never said anything about sex, nor about sexual orientation. And you speculation fans seem like the truth?


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