Why I like Timoth?e Chalamet, the star of Call Me By Your Name coupled with Lily-Rose Depp ?

Soon to the poster of My Beautiful Boy Felix Van Groeningen, Timoth?e Chalamet lives for a little romance with Lily-Rose Depp. This is why I love this actor, which does not cease to mark the news since the cardboard of Call Me By Your Name.

Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine. If I told you a little earlier why Arthur london: chatto, the cousin of princes William and Harry is being to raise the temperature, force is to recognize that there is another young man trying to make you drool all over the planet. Of course, it is the actor Timoth?e Chalamet. At only 23 years of age, this actor with the charisma and magnetism in the obvious can already boast of having a hell of a career. In fact, since 2014, and its passage noticed in Interstellar , Christopher Nolan, Timothy Chalamet has played in no less than twelve other films. A beautiful feat !

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lofficiel 2

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Born on December 27, 1995 in New York, Timoth?e Chalamet has always lived overseas. Cradled by the american culture, the actor is no less proud of its French roots passed on by his father, Marc Chalamet, editor for UNICEF. But it is on the side of the mother of Timothy, Nicole Flender, that one finds the roots of his passion for the cinema. His maternal grandfather was the screenwriter Harold Flender, while its director and producer of uncle Rodman Flender is married to the producer Amy Lippman. And as a Chalamet actor that wasn’t enough, her older sister Pauline is an actress and lives in Paris. You will have understood, Timoth?e Chalamet was destined to work in cinema. And it has not missed.

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Fr?ro Friday ????????(whoops it’s Saturday)

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Since he incarnated Elio Perlman in an adaptation of the novel Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman by Luca Guadagnino in 2017, Timoth?e Chalamet has accessed the status of it boy. In this romantic drama, her character, a young Italo-American 17-year-old falls in love with an american student of 24 years old came to assist the father of Elio in his research for the summer. The chemistry between Elio and Oliver, another student camped by Armie Hammer, is without the shadow of a doubt at the origin of the current reputation of Timoth?e Chalamet. Appointed to the SAG Awards and the academy awards for the role, the international press did not fail to applaud her performance to be particularly sensitive and fragile. A performance that did not prevent him to play the rebels in the very good Lady Bird at the same period.

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two new shots by @ryanpfluger for this weekend’s @nytimes #callmebyyourname ????

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Since then, Timoth?e Chalamet connects the shoots at an impressive rate ! Two weeks after the French release of Call Me By Your Name, found in the western of Scott Cooper Hostile. And if the role of a young queer in the film from Luca Guadagnino has made an object of fantasies for many, it is his participation in A Rainy Day in New York city of Woody Allen who finished to make it one of the voices the most influential of his generation. Indeed, defendant for several years of having abused his adoptive daughter, the filmmaker has lost the support of the young person first. On Instagram, he announced it almost a year to the day that he will donate the entirety of its character is perceived for the movie to three associations : the movement Time’s Up, the LGBT center of New York and the organization RAINN.

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Questioned by the press about his feelings on the matter Woody Allen, Timothy Chalamet has had the intelligence to say nothing and to refer to “contractual obligations”. But Timoth?e Chalamet is not only a revelation to the pretty face. Fan of AS Saint-Etienne, he briefly tried to break into the hip-hop under the name of Lil’ Timmy Tim. It was at the time of LaGuardia, a public high school for young artists in which he has worked with Ansel Elgort. The two men have remained close since we saw them get together at the basketball games. Very arty on the edges, Timoth?e Chalamet has already received a shoutout from Tyler, the Creator on the song “Okra”. “Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me / Skin glowin’, clear of acne” loose the rapper from california.

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And if you think that Timothy Chalamet is kind of preppy, be aware that during the last festival Coachella, this is alongside Shania Twain, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd and French Montana that he took advantage of the festivities. If the chronicle this week is dedicated to him it is, of course, because the news is ready. Last October, he was seen embracing a Lily-Rose Depp in the rain after a stint at the coffee Mud in New York. Very much in love with the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Timothy Chalamet would have already been validated by his step-dad. And side professional, you can find it on February 6, in the drama My Beautiful Boy. The trailer is to see above. Alongside Steve Carell (who plays his father), he embodies a young man completely clueless who eventually take refuge in the consumption of methamphetamine.

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The Lute Player, c. 1595 by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio #chalametinart #timotheechalamet

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In addition to the fact they have lost 8 kilos to embody Nic Sheff, Timothy Chalamet is already tipped for the next Oscars in the category best actor in a supporting role. Not bad for a player almost two years ago ! Beautiful to the point of inspiring the account Instagram @chalametinart, Timoth?e Chalamet risk to be talked about for many years to come. Consumer in My Beautiful Boy, he played last year a dealer with asthma in Hot Summer Nights by Elijah Bynum. And in the coming months, we will see in The King, a historical drama from Netflix, Dune, the remake of an adaptation of David Lynch and The French Dispatch of Wes Anderson.

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spoke to @harrystyles for @i_d ????

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Subsequently, he will be joined by the director of the Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig, for her next film : The Four Daughters of doctor March. And because Hollywood has become very fond of the suites, it is with a hesitation measured that we will maybe one day Call Me By Your Name 2. Extremely woke and well in its skin, Timoth?e Chalamet did not take long to become the new darling of Hollywood, both on the side of casting directors that the editors of great magazines. Having posed for W and GQ Style alongside his co-stars Call Me By Your Name, Timoth?e Chalamet has landed on the covers of magazines such asInterview, VMAN?, GQ, Rolling Stone, TimeOut London, ShortList , or i-D.

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momma !

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In this last review, Timoth?e Chalamet has not failed to challenge the concepts of masculinity and manhood alongside another icon queer, I have named Harry Styles. Non-eager to have a designer, Timoth?e Chalamet has caused a sensation last week, wearing a harness brilliant Louis Vuitton on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. As at the Oscars, it was with his mother, he went to the ceremony. One more reason to fall for him ! In the rest of the news people, this is why I love Nina Dobrev, the star of The Vampire Diaries return in the sitcom Fam.