Why I love Chloë Grace Moretz, star of Kick-Ass separated from Dylan O’brien (Teen Wolf) ?

At only 21 years old, Chloë Grace Moretz continues to attract the masses in the dark rooms, to sink below the rewards, and now Brooklyn Beckham and Dylan O’brien from among its example

Icon new generation. While I explained last week why I love Jaden Smith, the son of rapper Will Smith in a relationship with Tyler, the Creator, it seemed logical to focus the chronicle this week around another personality, highly appreciated by young people : Chloë Grace Moretz. Born in February 1997 in Atlanta (United States), CGM came into my life through Kick-Ass, the film that launched the career of director Matthew Vaughn. Since then, he has turned X-Men : The Beginning and the two Kingsman already out. Absolutely extraordinary in the role of Mindy Macready alias Hit Girl, CGM has made us dream of millions of viewers around the world, all were stunned to see a young actress bashing insults and stunts in a film (super-)hero is not recommended for less experienced. Since Kick-Ass (which dates back to 2010), I never let go of Chloë Grace Moretz eyes.

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And especially because his career is more impressive. At 21 years old, she has already spent 14 on film sets. A pace that would have been able to make it twist but that she perfectly knew how to manage. Surrounded by a family that she describes as ” very christian “, CGM is gradually become the idol of young people, a safe value for their parents. And this especially because DMC is one of the most public figures woke that Hollywood has ever known. A feminist before the term became ultra-popular, Chloë Grace Moretz has from the beginning of this decade to mention the problems that the actresses were able to meet, in particular when producers and writers are content to fill their films female characters, secondary and hypersexualisés or even simply useless.

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His choices of films have made a star a huge star across the Atlantic while his public statements and his positions have led the magazine TIME to the place among the 25 adolescents the most influential of 2014. His current RESUME includes such films as (500) days set of Marc Webb, Hugo Cabret by Martin Scorsese, Dark Shadows Tim Burton, Carrie, la vengeance de Kimberly Peirce, Sils Maria by Olivier Assayas, Equalizer Antoine Fuqua, The Fifth wave of J Blakeson, or I Love you, Daddy by Louis C. K. This year, she delighted in the drama therapy conversion Come as You Are and thriller presented at the Mostra of Venice Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino. Of series, you have been able to see it in season 3 of Desperate Housewives and too short – Dirty Sexy Money.

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And if I really like Chloë Grace Moretz this is no doubt because of his chubby face hides one of the young women in the most remarkable of our generation. While Kim Kardashian took the trouble to list among his enemies, Chloë Grace Moretz, she gave her support to the LGBT community and she landed on the cover of Flaunt, Vogue, Teen Vogue, ELLE, InStyle, Interview and Another Magazine. Fervent support of Hillary Clinton, she’s not afraid to say what she thinks and to show the behind-the-scenes to her 15.3 million followers on Instagram. Just as she was not afraid to appear publicly with the people she loves. For father’s day 2017, and she wished to thank his four brothers have always supported and protected. In couple for more than a year with actor Cameron Fuller, Chloë Grace Moretz has learned to be discreet. But it really began to interest the press people when she was seen as close as ever Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David and Victoria.

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In couple for two years, any stops between the two when photos showing the young model kissing another woman make their appearance on the Canvas. Always well surrounded, Chloë Grace Moretz, has not lost time and is comforted in the arms of Dylan O’brien, the star of Teen Wolf, who had just split from Britt Robertson. And if Chloë Grace Moretz is once again on the cover of the press people, it is, of course, because her romance with the hero of the saga The Maze is finished and thatshe was seen kissing her full on the mouth the model Kate Harrison on Wednesday night. A love story recently, which may well make the walk Chloë Grace Moretz on the flat-bands of Kristen Stewart, the actress who has been overshadowed in Sils Maria. But in the meantime to learn more about the new state of mind of the actress, you will find it again in 2019 in the thriller Greta to the sides of the staple Isabelle Huppert. You will have understood : it was the icons that it deserves !