Why I love Nina Dobrev, the star of The Vampire Diaries return in the comedy Fam ?

A few hours after it celebrated its 30th anniversary, Nina Dobrev will make her grand return to television in the comedy for CBS, Fam. This is why I love one that will stay the star in the world of The Vampire Diaries.

A star is born. After you have said why I love Miley Cyrus, star of Hannah Montana wedding to Liam Hemsworth, it’s impossible not to mention another star of our generation, I named Nina Dobrev. At only 29 years of age, this actress was born in Bulgaria and raised in Canada seems to have had several lives. For many — including me —, she spent 6 years in the steamroller The Vampire Diaries. Series adapted from a novel, the show, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson has long been maligned for its way of depicting the first love, the first time, and the relation to what is foreign to us. But that didn’t stop The CW, the channel that aired The Vampire Diaries to order 8 seasons and two spin-offs : The Originals, and Legacies.

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More than three years after leaving the series, Nina Dobrev is still the face of the program, which continues to be a sensation around the world, including on Netflix. But in 2019, Nina Dobrev account well go ahead and prove to its critics that it is no longer this young woman, frail and sensitive that it was discovered in Degrassi : a New generation in 2006. This Wednesday, January 9, Nina Dobrev will be celebrating her 30 years. And in spite of slight changes in the mindsets, this cap is still decisive in the career of many actresses. In fact, too old to play a teenager or a student, Nina Dobrev does not yet have access to the roles of women mature and independent, which is often synonymous with rewards. No, Nina Dobrev is going to end up like many other actresses before her in a difficult position : find roles in line with its values, but not many.

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As excited as I am that @famcbs will be premiering on Thursday January 10th on @cbstv ” I’m pretty sad that we’re wrapped. Mostly bummed because I won’t be able to pick @tonebell”s nose on a daily basis anymore. #RipTonesUnpickedBoogers ????????????

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By chance, Nina Dobrev has recently bagged the lead role of Fam, the new CBS sitcom. It will be launched this Thursday, January 10, and will need to make a very good start if it wants to survive in a difficult context : the actors on the market are numerous, the projects of major networks are less ambitious, and the public has more choice. Placed after The Big Bang Theroy, Young, Sheldon, Mom and before S. W. A. T., Fan must reach to capture 6-7 million viewers if she does not want to be called “a failure” and avoid cancellation. But this sitcom has a major asset : Nina Dobrev. A Fan of classical dance, jazz dance and gymnastics, the interpreter Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries has a physical one would be tempted to “perfect” while her face nice girl next door , in fact, one of the leading favorite of the american public.

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Far from being known for his talents as a comic Nina Dobrev is the main or even the only reason to leave a chance to Fam, a comedy centered on a mixed couple who sees his daily life turned upside-down when the half-sister of the bride comes to live with them after fighting with their father. The pitch was not original, and the trailer (which you can see at the top of this column) not revolutionize not the kind. However, the presence of Nina Dobrev in the casting is not negligible. Credible teenage mother (Degrassi : next generation), ado, torn by two supernatural creatures (The Vampire Diaries), refugee and sexy (The Border) or in plague-california (Funny or Die), Nina Dobrev could become the next phenomenon in comedy in which CBS has a special need. In fact, with the stopping of The Big Bang Theory, the controversy around the Bull and the aging audiences of its cop shows (NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Criminal Minds), CBS needs to attract more young people on its network.

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This is great, Nina Dobrev is a safe value, an actress without a controversy behind it, and always promised a bright future. His appearances in the cinema resulted in some nice surprises (The Roommate, The World of Charlie, xXx : Reactivated) while she has a real community. She was followed on Instagram by over 16 million people, his Twitter account shows more than 7 million followers while his page on Facebook has over 5 million likes. Not bad for an actress for a long time long regarded as a sub-Sarah Michelle Gellar ! Eg?rie Reebok, Nina Dobrev managed to get out in grown of each of his romantic relationships. Her romance of the three years with her co-star of The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder was put on the front of the stage while her amourettes with the choreographer Derek Hough and actors Austin Stowell, and Glen Powell were quickly forgotten.

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There’s no Eiffel Tower emoji. @Apple, consider this my formal complaint…

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At the end of the day, what interests the public and the media, that is Nina Dobrev. Not the men who have crossed her life but the way in which each encounter, and each story allowed him to assert himself as a woman, a model and icon. Adored by millions of women and fantasized by millions of men, Nina Dobrev is still today the only personality to have won 6 years in a row in the same category (best actress fantasy series) the Teen Choice Awards. Thanks to Fam, and in the case of cardboard, and it could well make the shadow of the actresses who have a real training of comical ! Wait and see. In the rest of the news, here’s why Travis Scott, the rapper crazy in love with Kylie Jenner and father of the lovely Stormi.