Will Smith can refuse the new role

Уиллу Смиту могут отказать в новой роли

In 2016, will Smith with wife Jada launched a campaign to get more African-American actors were nominated for “Oscar” and received well-deserved awards. But three years later, the discontent of black people touched him.

Recently it became known that the actor could play the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams in the biopic “King Richard”. Now his chances are melting away because Internet users felt Smith was too white for the role of Richard Williams.

According to Western media reports, Smith has not yet been approved in the new role, but is ready to begin shooting the project. He has an impressive experience not just big blockbusters, but in biographical films. For example, in 2001, he played Mohammed Ali, and in 2015 — Dr. Bennett Omalu in the Protector. However, regular users filmography actor left untouched. Many of them expressed the opinion that Smith is not suited for the role of Richard due to too light of skin tone.

“I have nothing against will, but why he will play the father of Serena and Venus? Yes, he can play, but there are other talented black actors. They can take one of them or to give a chance to the unknown actor.”

“I like will Smith, but not in the role of Richard. That is just uncalled for, besides, there are other actors with dark skin and a recognizable name that can take the job. Anyone who does not understand that the colours, raves”.

It is not known how dissatisfaction with the Internet community will affect the casting of the film, and comment on whether the situation himself will Smith. In may, the actor will present a picture of “Aladdin” from Disney, and he is currently busy with the shooting of the action movie “Bad boys 3” writes Popcornnews.