Wimbledon will pay money to players despite its cancellation in 2020

Wimbledon versera de l’argent aux joueurs malgré son annulation en 2020

Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas Agence France-Presse
The pandemic has forced the leaders to cancel the tournament for the first time since 1945.

Wimbledon will pay $12.5 million US in cash to 620 players despite the cancellation of the tournament this year because of the pandemic of coronavirus, has announced the All England Club.

After consulting with its insurer, the officials of the tournament have revealed that 256 players who have participated in the draw will each receive 31 000 US$, while 224 players who have participated in the qualifications will each receive 15 600 US$.

“Immediately after the cancellation of the tournament, we thought about how we could help those that make Wimbledon the tournament that it is,” said Richard Lewis, executive director of the All England Club.

In addition, 120 players who have competed in double will each receive 7800 $; 16 players who have participated in the competitions in wheelchair will each receive $ 7500 in; and four players who allegedly participated in the trials for the quad in a wheelchair will each receive 6200 $.

“We know that these months of uncertainty have been very disturbing for these different groups, including the players, many of whom have met with financial difficulties during this period and that would have legitimately anticipated the possibility of earning scholarships at Wimbledon based on their world rankings,” continued Lewis.

The pandemic has forced the leaders to cancel the tournament for the first time since 1945.

“We are pleased that our insurance policy has given us the opportunity to recognize the impact of the cancellation on the players and that we are now able to offer this payment in recognition of the hard work they have invested to get their ranking to the point where they would have been able to directly access the tournament in 2020. “

The club has also announced that the formula of the seedings based on the season on turf used since 2002, had ” done his time “.

As of 2021, the ranking of the seedings for the draw of the men will be based solely on the ranking, said the club, but there will be no change in the formula for women.

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