With Rami Malek has been a bit of confusion

С Рами Малеком произошел небольшой конфуз

For Rami Malek, star of the acclaimed film about the life of legendary singer Qeen Freddie mercury “Bohemian Rhapsody” last night was unforgettable, the actor received the prestigious award “Golden globe” for his role in the aforementioned film. Rami did a great job with the main task – to embody the image of Freddie mercury on the screen.

When the actor filled with emotions, went on stage for the coveted statuette, he was a bit of confusion. This point was noticed by the network users and even a little joke on Malcolm. On stage were other actors, but also Nicole Kidman, announces the nominees and winners. The video shows fry pulls his hands to say Hello to Nicole, but she turned away from the actor. Then Rami kept his head and lightly stroked Kidman on the back in greeting, says “Today”.

The network reacted to this awkward moment: “Rami Malek trying to talk to Nicole Kidman, like me, trying to talk to guy I’m in love,” wrote a Twitter user with the nickname @ 1AbbyRoad.

“Rami Malek, awkwardly and unsuccessfully trying to say Hello to Nicole Kidman – I’m trying to talk to people on any kind of event,” added another Twitter user, @TheBex.