“Women over 50 too old to love them”: the French writer was outraged by the social network sexist statement

«Женщины за 50 слишком стары, чтобы их любить»: французский писатель возмутил соцсети сексистским заявлением

French writer Ian Moixa criticized for saying that he was “not able” to love a woman who is 50 years or more. Although he was himself a writer while exactly 50, reports the BBC.

The writer in an interview with Marie Claire said that women over 50 are “too old”.

“I prefer young women’s bodies, that’s all. The end. The body of 25-year-old woman — incredible. But in the body of a 50 year old women, nothing incredible there, ” he said.

Such a statement as might be expected, angered many French, especially in the social network Twitter. French comedienne marine POIs joked that she is now 49, so she left just 1 year and 14 days to get to sleep with a writer.

Another Twitter user suggested that the 50-year-old woman, probably, “sighed with relief” when he learned don’t like Muaks. Some French girls that age, even posted private pictures of celebrities who are under 50, to refute the words Moixa.

In response to criticism he replied that he was “not obliged to answer before the court on tastes” and acknowledged that he is also not find.

“50-year-old women don’t notice me. They have better things to do than to run around behind the neurotic who spend days writing something and reading. To be with me is not easy.”

The publication notes that Ian Moix — French writer and broadcaster, well known for his controversial comments on various issues.

During the 63rd ceremony of awarding “Golden ball” exploded sexist scandal. For the first time in history the title was awarded to the best football player — 23-year-old forward of the national team of Norway and the French “Lyon” ADI Hegerberg. The master of ceremonies French DJ Martin Solveig asked the player if he knows how to twerk that, Hegerberg briefly said No and tried to leave the scene. After a public outcry, he apologized on Twitter.