Wonder Woman 1984 : Chris Pine tease big changes for Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman 1984 : Chris Pine tease de gros changements pour Steve Trevor

Its character is going to know of changes that should appeal to Wonder Woman !

For all fans of the amazon’s most famous film, we have good news for you : Wonder Woman 1984 is on the right track. The shooting of the film is finally finished, although he will have to wait until June 2020 to discover the new adventures of Diana Prince. And for all those who have loved the character of Steve Trevor, don’t worry, it is also back, despite his presumed death in the first pane. Actor Chris Pine has said a little more about the changes that will know his role : “The tone of this film will be a little different for me. The tables are turned, and I am more in the mode deer before the headlights of a car”. To be clear, he is not really going to control what happens to him and it is understandable when we see the first images from the film.

Director Patty Jenkins had teas? the changes of his character by sharing a photo of Steve, in a shopping mall, with a look very 80’s. Given that there does not appear to have aged, one concludes that Steve is going to hit a little jump in time, because moving from the 1940s to the 80s without taking a wrinkle, it didn’t work out that with a bit of botox. A question still remains unanswered : How did he survived the explosion of the plane in which he sacrificed himself ? In any case, Chris Pine does not seem as surprised as we by the return of Steve Trevor ! Of course, it will take until June 2020 to discover the why and how, but there is no doubt that Diana Prince will be delighted to review her beautiful friend return the hair of the beast.