Wonder Woman 1984 : The film will be there after the first ?

Wonder Woman 1984 : Ce film sera-t-il la suite du premier ?

The result of Wonder Woman will not be really a apparently !

Since its arrival in force in the DCEU, Wonder Woman has become one of the favorite super heroes of fans of the universe. Powerful, independent, and not devoid of humor, Diana Prince has charmed his audiences to the point that fans are clamoring to body and cries a sequel worthy of the name. But if you were expecting that Wonder Woman 1984 is the holy grail, you might be wrong. Even if the filmmaker already has plans for the third part, she would like to clarify that this second episode should not be considered as a direct sequel to the adventures of the amazon, and this is the reason for the title is not only Wonder Woman 2. Producer Charles Roven has entrusted to us the desires of Patty Jenkis in interview for Vulture , and his remarks are both astonishing and encouraging.

Wonder Woman 1984 : Ce film sera-t-il la suite du premier ?

He begins by putting things clear : “She is just determined that this film would be the next version of Wonder Woman, but not a suite. And it is really to the height. It is a completely different time and you will have an idea of what Diana / Wonder Woman has done in the meantime. But it is a completely different story that we tell ourselves. Even if there will be a lot of things, emotional, humorous and courageous actions. It is an independent film, like Indiana Jones or James Bond, instead of a continuing story that requires many episodes.” This makes echo to the character very independent of the main character and fits perfectly with his personality. His adventures are clearly distinct from each other, even if there are things that do not change, such as the presence of Chris Pine in the role of Steve Trevor income of the dead for example !