World stock indexes this year, fell to a historic low

							Мировые фондовые индексы впервые с начала года упали до исторического минимума

Stock indexes U.S. and Europe declined significantly, which led to the largest since the beginning of the year depreciation of currencies against the U.S. dollar. Another shock in the stock market led to a rise in investor uncertainty in the further development of trade relations, particularly through the trade war the US and China.

At that time, as the emerging markets, particularly their currency and debt bonds, suffered losses debt securities U.S. on the contrary slightly increased. In particular, the rate on ten-year debt of the US Treasury bond reached a record in 2011 values.

Now Ukraine is quite difficult to borrow due to low interest from investors in bonds of developing countries. In particular, because of rising interest rates on us bonds, investors are less interested in higher-risk loans to developing countries. This leads to higher debt. In addition, most investors are not confident in the stability of the Ukrainian economy due to the lack of a final decision by the IMF to continue cooperation with Ukraine.

We will remind, from-for absence of financing from the International monetary Fund, Ukraine borrowed on the foreign market of 725 million dollars under is 9.1%, which is a significantly higher rate than the IMF loans and debt securities, Ukraine has released in previous years.