You season 2 : These theories that could explain the return of the SPOILER !

The return of SPOILER at the end of the first season of You has caused many questions among fans of the series from Netflix ! But how do you explain this occurrence ? Several theories are advanced.

If it is already raising many questions about the season 2 of You is that the end of the first season has puzzled many fans of the series from Netflix (even if originally, the series was broadcast in more discreet on the Lifetime channel). While Joe was in a couple/obsessed with/by Beck, he has confessed to have suffered a lot in the past after a breakup. The young woman, an aspiring singer named Candace, would, in effect, part to Italy without ever giving this news to his ex. The CV of the psychopath is very long, it only took a little more to interpret this sudden disappearance as yet another crime committed by Joe…until the famous Candace unloads in the library of the character played by Penn Badgley. A big surprise which could, however, have several explanations.

Candace is a hallucination

You saison 2 : Ces th?ories qui pourraient expliquer le retour de SPOILER !

It is quiet Joe !

After the car accident, Joe, it was not uncommon to see the young man talking to Candace, or rather to a hallucination created by his mind. Also, it could be that this is the case and that the young woman does not really exist. A theory that would be offensive to the fans of the book who know thatshe is alive and well – an assertion borne out by the producers of the series – but adaptations tv are not always faithful and such a theory could, in addition, constitute a reversal of the size !

Joe thought he had killed Candace, but she survived

You saison 2 : Ces th?ories qui pourraient expliquer le retour de SPOILER !

You think ?

Despite its many successful trials, Joe is not quite a professional killer. Also, one can imagine without difficulty that he thought that Candace is dead – after all, it is part of its first victims – but in reality, it will be output. If that was the case, why not have gone to the police to denounce Joe ? Answer in the next theory !

Joe was singing Candace so that it remains hidden

You saison 2 : Ces th?ories qui pourraient expliquer le retour de SPOILER !

Ca te would not hurt !

If Candace is alive, why did she not say anything to the police about the criminal acts of Joe ? The answer is the most plausible would be that as for Benji, the “nice” dealer will have anything to drop his ex. Without a doubt, softened by his love for the pretty redhead, he therefore would have been kept alive in exchange for his silence. By who knows what means, the history of Beck would come up to her and she would have decided to come out of hiding.

Candace was saved by Mooney

You saison 2 : Ces th?ories qui pourraient expliquer le retour de SPOILER !

In the face of an angel, the demon…

Keep in mind that after you have killed the music producer, Joe went directly to see Mooney. Also, we can without difficulty imagine that he has done the same for Candace. The old man would have proposed to get rid of the body and realizing that the young woman was still alive, would have let her go in exchange, again, of his silence.

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