You will escape the Queen of Hearts if you do a no-fault to this quiz Alice in Wonderland

T'échapperas à la Reine de Coeur si tu fais un sans-faute à ce quiz Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Publié il y a 33 minutes Published on 14 dec. 2018 14:00:02Ecrit by Melanie T.

You have painted the roses red, and you made yourself the pinch in the hand inside the bag by the wicked Queen. If you want to keep your head on the shoulders, a single solution : make a 10/10 on the test !

1. Who plays the Queen of Hearts in the film of Tim Burton ?

  • has

    Helena Bonham Carter

  • b

    Nicole Kidman

  • c

    Anne Hathaway

  • d

    Tilda Swinton